Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable

By | January 10, 2011

Armored Fiber Optic Patch cables are designed to withstand twisting, kinking, crushing, and prevent rodent damage in applications where traditional fiber-optic patch cables may fail during installation and operation,” the company said when announcing the cords. They contain stainless-steel armored flexible tubing inside the outer jacket and are available with 9/125-micron (single mode) as well as 50/125-micron and 62.5/125-micron multimode fiber.

Armored fiber optic patch cable
A patch cable is a fiber optic cable used to attach one device to another for signal routing.
Armored fiber optic patch cables are with stainless steel tube inside the outer jacket to protect the central unit of the cable. They are strong and flexible, can be bend randomly without being broken.

Armored fiber optic patch cable Applications:
High Speed and volume Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
CATV Networks
Fiber Optic Instrumentation

Armored fiber optic patch cable Features:
Gently and strong safeguard optical fibers for its material of stainless steel
High tensile strength, pressure resistance, re-twist resistance, prevents bite by the rodents
Electric cable-like handling and easy installation

Armored fiber-optic patch cables designed for use in aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and military applications.